AviNet Mail Functionality


  1. Does AviNet Mail work with a Mac PC or with Mozilla Firefox?

    Yes, AviNet Mail will work on a Mac and with all known web browsers. Some features work better in some browsers than others, e.g., drag and drop works in Internet Explorer but not in Google Chrome or Safari.

  2. Can AviNet Mail be used on CUTE platforms?

    Yes, AviNet Mail uses webmail via an internet connection or a PC with a web browser, so it may be used on any platform.

  3. What is the redundancy for AviNet Mail?

    ARINC replicates data real-time onto a mirrored system.

  4. Can AviNet Mail do auto-printing of messages or be setup so receiving messages can be auto-printed to a local printer?

    AviNet Mail Desktop Client can support auto-printing

  5. Does AviNet Mail allow for the creation of address books, distribution lists or groupings?

    Yes, using the Contact functionality, users can create an address book or distribution lists with a few addresses grouped into one address name. For example, if one distribution list with three addresses is selected, a message will be sent to the three addresses in the group.

  6. Does AviNet Mail have double-signature functionality?

    Yes, Double Signature is supported under the IATA mandate. Transmission charges will be applied to the two letter airline designator that is used.

  7. Can more than one person log into one mailbox at the same time?

    Yes, multiple logins to one account from multiple PC’s is possible using either the Web Browser interface or the Desktop Client.

  8. Can I create an automated rule to move inbox messages to the deleted folder based on certain criteria, e.g., age of message?

    Yes, there are a variety of rules that can be set up by the user, including moving messages older than a specified date (or number of days) to the deleted folder.

  9. Can multiple AviNet Mail accounts have the same password to login?

    Yes, multiple accounts can have the same password.

  10. How do I separate recipient addresses?

    Recipient addresses can be separated by using a comma.

  11. Can a Spec2000 customer use AviNet Mail?

    Yes, simply ensure that the login to AviNet Mail is the full AviNet Mail e-mail address and coordinate with the Spec 2000 provider (Multilink or Cortland).

  12. Can a customer create a user template in AviNet Mail?

    Users can create your own templates in Microsoft Outlook with the Outlook DLL library or request that ARINC create a template that can be made available to the user community.

  13. Will I be able to create my own Distribution List in AviNet Mail?

    Yes, you can use the “Add and Save” icon to create your own Distribution List.

  14. Can I create an auto reply on AviNet Mail?

    Yes users can set rules for automatic reply.

  15. What is the maximum amount of characters that is allowed in the message body?

    64,000 characters

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