AviNet Mail Configuration / Implementation


  1. Do I need to connect to a host Gateway or is the mail system separate?

    Users can connect from their mail server via Trusted SMTP, which allows them to use their existing e-mail server and mail client to send and receive Type B, AFTN & ACARS messages. They can also connect via the AviNet Mail PC client application or using AviNet Webmail.

  2. What PC specifications do you need for AviNet Mail?

    Any Windows machine running Windows 95 or later. The web interface is also accessible from UNIX & Linux machines via web browser.

  3. How do I download Microsoft Outlook templates from the web interface of AviNet Mail?

    Just login your account and the "AviNet Outlook Templates & Documentation" are available to be downloaded from the Help Menu.

  4. What hardware and software is needed to run AviNet Mail?

    Users need AviNet Mail Desktop Client or Microsoft Outlook, a standard PC with a web browser and internet access.

  5. What is required for installation and testing?

    AviNet Mail is easy to configure, user friendly for the user to install. ARINC provides a comprehensive user guide and assistance as required.

  6. How long does it take to implement AviNet Mail?

    ARINC can have the AviNet Mail account set up and working seven days after the contract is signed and received by ARINC.

  7. What type of connection do I need for AviNet Mail?

    The internet connection can be either via 3G, Wireless or ADSL to use AviNet Mail. The medium of the connection is not critical.

  8. Can I access AviNet Mail Outlook using my Laptop PC and/or Blackberry?

    If you already have Microsoft Outlook on your laptop, you would just need to setup the mailbox account into Outlook. Detailed instructions are provided in the User Guide to assist with the set up. There are no additional charges for this setup. Users are not restricted from setting up the same mailbox account on multiple laptops, or desktops since the charges are applied per mailbox.

    AviNet Mail on a Blackberry is like setting up a Blackberry POP-3 email account to send and receive emails. Usually this is done on the BIS server provided by your local Blackberry service provider. AviNet Mail will not work if you need to configure on a BES server.

  9. Is the email system IMAP based? If so what are the rules / limitations surrounding storage of email?

    Yes, AviNet Mail is IMAP capable and all mailboxes are configured for 50MB of storage. IMAP provides full access to all on-line folders that are also visible from the Web interface.

  10. Is there a need to install a third party program to automate the printing?

    No, third party programs are required.

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