Superior Technical Advantages of AviNet


AviNet's messaging services are built on a technologically advanced and flexible platform providing IATA TypeB message exchange with high availability and throughput; total reliability and performance, integrated mediation services 24x7 proactive network management and customer service that has yet to be surpassed.

As you would expect all IATA TypeB standards are fully supported including seamless integration with the proprietary SITATEX format and connection over both MQ and MATIP.

With a distributed architecture, and robust and resilient messaging nodes located regionally AviNet messaging optimises latency and message delivery. Messages destined for delivery within region do not need to be routed to a centralised message switch in another region, as required by other services providers. Regional optimisation enables:

  • Faster message delivery – typically less than 1 second
  • Improved application response time
  • Lower costs

Network wide rotary switching ensures all those critical operational messages are always delivered, and through the shortest path, while automatically providing alternate routing at a message level in the event of the failure anywhere in the service.

High performance and reliability are key factors in the design of the AviNet messaging platform. Solid state drives speed up message transactions performance and mitigate any risk of mechanical failure, and with duplicate redundant clustered servers reliability is the best in the industry.

Customer service is of paramount importance to ARINC, its customers and their customers. At ARINC we pride ourselves on delivering truly proactive service management, and should an AviNet customer connection fail, for whatever reason, the ARINC Operations Centre notifies the customer by email of the incident as soon as practicable.

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