ARINC’s Type B messaging – high performance, low cost


ARINC has operated an IATA Type B and Type A message switching service since the early 1960s. More than 1000 companies depend on our network, enabling them to effectively communicate and share vital information with business partners, operators, and applications globally.

The AviNet Messaging Service is built on a globally distributed, resilient servers using ARINC's network wide rotary message switching architecture, which has delivered, historically 100% availability. Built on an Open Systems platform it leverages IBM WebSphere MQ technology in conjunction with ARINC developed software for processing and switching of IATA messages. With 6 operational redundant clustered message switching nodes deployed regionally, the service provides unsurpassed resilience and performance: ARINC typically delivers messages for all priorities in less than one second.

AviNet TypeB provides the highest level of assured message delivery available, based on store-and-forward capabilities and a robust set of IATA standard message routing features built into ARINC’s high-availability message platform. It supports legacy, proprietary, and custom messaging applications, as well as industry-standard IP-based MQ and MATIP formats.

AviNet TypeB service is evolving with the industry maintaining communications with legacy systems and introducing next-generation messaging such as AviNet eXchange a Web Services interface for XML messaging.

The AviNet Messaging Service architecture is one of the most reliable in the world. It includes:
  • Globally distributed cluster architecture
  • Redundant multiple CPUs and power supplies
  • high-availability and fault-tolerant solid state RAID disk-arrays
  • diverse backbone and user circuitry
  • redundant UPS systems at all sites

ARINC complies with IATA TypeB standards, supporting IATA messaging between trading partners and customers in the Aviation industry. Included is support for proprietart SITATEX variant and message assurance protocols such as BATAP and IBM MQ Series. In addition ARINC supports many airline industry bi-lateral implementations such as various ender stripping options and supplemental addressing.

Seamless integration with other IATA TypeB based messaging networks including FAA NADIN I and II, AFTN, and SITA enables ARINC customers to communicate with entities on other networks and sub-networks. Protocol translation and message mediation is handled by AviNet interconnectivity enabling for example, TypeB flight plan filing to be delivered as ICAO messages that can be interpreted by EuroControl.

ARINC customers can use AviNet TypeB messaging and the AviNet service to :

  • Exchange TypeB messages with business partners
  • Send/receive ACARS messages
  • File flight plans with the FAA and other CAAs
  • Access ARINC’s RMS applications (UATP, TICKETS, DCIES, Diner’s Club, etc.)
  • Perform e-ticketing transactions with IP and X.25 trading partners
  • Seamlessly interchange messages with SITATEX users
  • Safely leverage secure Internet SSL protocols
  • Spec2000 message exchange between partners

In Addition to standard ATA/IATA formats AviNet can also handle non-IATA messages.

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